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The Amazing Biotech Product Called Transfer Factor

What Are Transfer Factors?

Transfer factors are NOT vitamin, mineral, phytonutrient or any known nutrient. We only call it a nutrient for lack of a better word. Transfer factors are unlike any known nutrient.

Transfer Factors exist in your immune system. They are the "intelligence" of your immune system. Transfer factors are tiny information molecules that regulate our many body functions. Transfer factors are regulators of our health. We already have transfer factors in our body but most of the time we do not have enough of them and we need to supply our body with Transfer Factors. These transfer factors regulate a great number of our immune system cells and body chemicals. Transfer factors also regulate the body's production of antioxidants.

Transfer factors are involved in or influence a number of body functions and processes, such as the immune system, detoxification, cellular rejuvenation, anti-oxidation and the aging process. Transfer factors store information and use that information to regulate our health. Transfer factors use amino acids to store this information. The amino acids change sequences like the alphabet. Imagine how many words twenty-six letters of the alphabet can spell. There are 44 amino acids in a transfer factor.

Transfer Factors Are Like Little Brains

Transfer factors are like little brains floating throughout our body. For example, transfer factors store information about the characteristics of the chicken pox germ. When the germ re-enters the body, transfer factors recognize these germs and communicate to our immune system cells to kill the germ. Because of this, we don't develop chicken pox a second time.

Transfer Factors Aids In Killing Off Cancer Cells

Everyday our body develops mutated cells, which develop into cancer cells if not destroyed. How does the body recognize these mutations? Transfer factors are involved in the recognition process and they signal Natural Killer (NK) cells to destroy the mutated cells.

The question is-does our body have enough transfer factors to activate our immune system to intelligently and efficiently destroy cancer cells present in our body through NK Cells?

1. Inadequate transfer factors in our body can result in the cancer cells developing undetected.

An example of how transfer factors work can be observed when we come in contact with a chicken pox germ. The first time we come in contact with the chicken pox germ, we develop chicken pox. Throughout your life, we come in contact with the chicken pox germ again and again but only develop the chicken pox disease once. Why?

2. Unregulated immune cells will try to destroy the cancer cells in a random manner and as a result also destroy other healthy cells in our body-just like trying to shoot a mosquito with a machine gun.

3. Adequate transfer factors in our body will enable our immune cells to recognize the cancer cells immediately and destroy it individually without destroying other healthy cells-just like a sniper killing off its target with precision.

Natural Killer (NK) Cells Kill Virus Infected Cells As Well As Cancer Cells

Transfer factors directly support the NK cells of the immune system. NK Cells which are specially equipped to locate and kill diseased cells provide the front line of defense.

NK cells attach to the surfaces of foreign substances or their outer cell wall, and inject a chemical "grenade" (granule) into the interior. Once inside, the granules explode and destroy the foreign invader within five minutes. The NK cell itself remains intact and moves on to destroy the next immune attacker.

Many doctors and clinics find transfer factors helpful in promoting NK function and activity as well as supporting a healthy immune system for all patients.

Transfer Factor Plus is able to raise the NK cell activity to 437% above baseline, the highest in the world. There is no other natural food supplement that has a higher activation of NK cell, together with immune information needed to help NK cells kill off cancer cells with precision.

Transfer Factors Regulate Allergic Reaction

This is another example of how transfer factors work. Harmless particles enter and pass through our body everyday. Sometimes our immune system doesn't recognize these particles, such as pollen, dust etc., as harmless and in turn reacts to them as if they are harmful. The result is allergies.

Transfer factors are involved in regulating thisprocess. When transfer factors in our body do their job, our immune system will recognize the harmless particles for what they are and will not react to them, letting them pass through our body without any reaction.

Transfer Factors Help Our Cells To Stay Young

Transfer factors also regulate the body's production of antioxidants. This is a very important factor in our battle against pre-mature aging and disease. Antioxidants that are consumed (from vitamins, minerals, herbs, etc.) must make their way through a dysfunctional digestive system, through a clogged circulatory system, through collapsed capillaries and through cell membranes that are hardening with age and make it more difficult for nutrients to reach the cells. At the end of the day, not much of the nutrients get to where it is needed.

Furthermore, these antioxidants (from vitamins, minerals, herbs, etc.) work from outside the cells whereas transfer factors work from within the cell, inside-out.

Transfer Factors Are Highly Absorbable

Transfer factors are very tiny in size therefore pass through the digestive system and small intestinal wall very easily to reach the cells. Other competitive supplements make a big deal out of being extra absorbable, but no nutritional product can compare to transfer factors' ability to move anywhere in the body.

Size measurements:
. Insulin
-approx. 6,000-10,000 Daltons
. Transfer factor
-approx. 3,500-10,000 Daltons
. Cytokines
-approx. 300-400 Daltons

Transfer factors are more of a soup than individual molecules floating through our body. Within this transfer factor soup are tiny cytokines that weigh as little as 300-400 Daltons. Transfer factors use these cytokines to communicate to other cells.

Transfer factors increase the actual production of natural antioxidants from within the cells. This is a key to staying well and younger, functionally.

Within the cell are mitochondria. Mitochondria are small structures that produce cellular energy which allows each cell, gland, organ etc. to do their jobs. The mitochondria process and manufactures energy but also creates millions of free radicals as a by product. Free radicals damage cells. Transfer factors increase the production of antioxidants from within the cells; and this assures that we are experiencing the greatest possible protection.

Transfer Factors = Nano Technology

Cytokines are small proteins released by cells. They have a specific effect on the interactions of cells, on communications between cells or on the behavior of cells. Cytokines are 300-400 Daltons in size which make it a nano sized communicative protein.

Transfer factors communicate through very small cytokines which pass easily through the cell membrane into the part of the cell that produces glutathione which acts as antioxidants within the cell. By consuming Transfer Factor, there is more free glutathione, catalase and ascobates available to cells.

Transfer factors increase the production of glutathione-s-transferase by nearly 50%.Glutathione and catalase are very powerful antioxidants that are produced within the cell-much more powerful than the antioxidants that we consume. Research found that through consuming Transfer Factors oxidation is reduced by approximately 35% at cellular level. This is much more than what any combination of antioxidants can do in
reducing oxidation. When the oxidation is reduced, there will be more glutathione available to be converted into glutathione-s-transferase for detoxification at a cellular level.

Transfer factors increase the production of glutathione-s-transferase by nearly 150%.

Glutathiones supplements taken orally are not effective as the molecule is large and most of it is either destroyed by the digestive system before they even reach the cells or not absorbed at all.

Some supplements boast of having high ORAC value - Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (antioxidant measurement), as high as 72,000 ORAC for mangosteen juice, but our body can only absorb 6,000 ORAC at one given time therefore the rest just goes to waste.

Compared to the more common detoxification methods of the blood, liver & colon, transfer factors detoxifies the whole body at cellular level from the tip of your hair to your toe nails.

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